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Thank you, Lincoln, Lancaster County, and Nebraska! Over the past two years, we have heard a tremendous outpouring of support for the complex from all corners. It’s been gratifying that the Lincoln Sports Foundation’s long fight to keep the complex open has been embraced by the community. Thanks to your support, we feel the benefit to the region and its potential for new development and expansion is unlimited! 


The initial improvements for the LSF Sports Complex will be focused on operating the current facilities in a clean, safe, and efficient manner. These improvements include, but are not limited to:


  • Renovating the indoor facility lobby and restrooms

  • Upgrading all indoor areas with new energy-efficient LED lighting

  • Replacing the damaged indoor facility roof

  • Repairing the existing complex roadways and parking lots

  • Repairing and upgrading parking lot and exterior lighting

  • Refurbishing outdoor training and competition surfaces

  • Replacing/updating current complex signage


But it doesn’t stop there! Based on hours upon hours of positive conversations, suggestions, and feedback over the past two years, we have worked with the Clark Enerson Partners to develop some visual aids to illustrate how we can improve and enhance the complex. Please understand that the PowerPoint presentation is a rendering of possible projects that demonstrate the future potential of the LSF Sports Complex, but we can’t do it alone. Partnerships with public and private entities will be necessary to see these opportunities for Lincoln to come to fruition. The renderings are by no means a finished product, but they are a simple way to share ideas and possibilities of what can happen at the LSF Sports Complex with community support.

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